DeepDish GigBook 1.6.1 is in iTunes App Store Today

DeepDish GigBook should be available to download / update today.

We've just got notice that it's in review.

Check you iPad's App Store app or the iTunes Store for its release in the next couple of hours.

Here's a direct link:

Please. Please Please....

**Before updating, it’s alway good practice to make sure your iPad is backed up in either iTunes or through iCloud.**

This is a critical update that fixes a bug in 1.6 that was removing scores from collections, binders, set lists and deleting Super Bookmarks. If you are running 1.6 you should update now.

This build also fixes:

-Trimmed or cropped scores not displaying properly.

-Crasher with clearing a composer or genre while making a super bookmark

-When composing an email, in certain conditions a crash could occur with a bad path to the attachment data.

-Crasher with the search bar and trying to enter text.

-Crasher in Performance mode when viewing a score and trying to dismiss the score, a crash would occur.