Retina Support and More on the Way

It looks like the new iPad is upon us. With more memory, a faster quad-core graphics engine and retina display, this will be a truly awesome device for musicians. As one who still uses the iPad 1, I can’t wait to load DeepDish GigBook on this device and take it to a show. But I’ll have to wait as I haven’t even ordered mine yet.

We are in the middle of working on version 1.7 which will have enhanced graphics to take advantage of the new iPad’s Retina Display. There will be other features too, including the ability to link a track from your iPad’s iTunes library to a score in DeepDish GigBook for reference, practice or performance. We are still a couple of weeks away from sending this update to Apple, so we’ll give you notice when it’s on its way. 

If you are upgrading to the new iPad and you want to make sure your DeepDish GigBook library, binders, set list and super bookmarks all transfer correctly, you’ll need to set up you new iPad from either your most recent iCloud back up or an iTunes back up. When you first turn on your your new iPad you’ll be asked whether you want to set it up as a new device or from one of these two back ups. Chose the back up system you use and go from there. I’ll have a short video tutorial up on our support page later tonight that will show you how to do this. 

If you have any questions about this you can alway write me at and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.