DeepDish GigBook 1.6

We are very pleased to announce that DeepDish GigBook 1.6 is now available on the iTunes App Store.

This latest version of DeepDish GigBook brings the ability to email your scores and set list to your fellow musicians. Each email generated by DeepDish GigBook includes metadata and notes in the body of the email, along with a PDF attachment of the score. When emailing set lists you have some flexibility in whether or not to include the scores and notes. To see this new feature in action, take a few minutes to check out the walk-through video on this great new feature.




Once again our friends and developer at Wooly Beast Software have produced a great update for us.

Along with this major feature there are a few more things we worked on for this release.


Updated annotations to make it faster to access annotation data, particularly as a lot of annotations are added to a score.


Bug Fixes

*Annotations palette not "remembering" pen width and/or color.

*Annotations "moving" when switching orientation. This fix might cause some of your existing annotations, especially annotation created in landscape view, to shift slightly. The bug has been fixed and all future annotations will have fixed position.

*Annotations toolbar no longer gets "stuck" dimmed out in certain situations any more.

*Performance view toolbar no longer disappears while action button menu is displayed.

*Fixed The support link under the “i”. It now properly links to our support page..

*Fixed The Set Lists View (Stage View) so it can now display more than 12 set lists. 

*When using the Score Info window and getting a blank Details window.

*Fixed several issues when searching for scores and trying to use the Score Info window to edit a scores details.

*Fixed issue where tapping in the center of the score would not bring back the top & bottom tool bar.