The wait is over. 1.3.4 is now available.

Well it took a little longer than we wanted, but DeepDish GigBook 1.3.4 is now ready and available in the iTunes App Store.

We pushed this update out after we became aware of bug in 1.3.3 which couldn't properely sort lower case titles. We found and fixed the bug in less than 12 hours, but as with all updates, they must go through Apple's approval process. Sometime that it a quick 2 day turnaround, but other times it can take up to a week. We are just glad that it is out.

1.3.4 (and 1.3.3 for that matter) fixes an important and pesky bug that has eluded us for some time. The bug would crop up every once in a while, and reported by various users, but was difficult to reproduce. It became, "The Bug that Ate My Score". Sometimes a score would just go missing. Sometimes the bug would effect recently added files from Dropbox or a mail attachements. So we thought document sharing was the culptrite, but it wasn't. Other times it would happen to a score that had been in a user's library for a month. It seemed to happen randomly. Users couldn't reproduce it (nor would they want to really). We weren't seeing it in all our testing and use. (We too use GigBook all time for rehearsal, teaching and gigs.)

Finally a user wrote in with a clue that lead us right to it. The bug was linked to renaming a score. Specifially if the user renamed a score from a binder or set list or in the Recently Added section the score would seem to disappear. Also renaming a score from All Scores would could make the score disappear from any associated binders. The score would actually still be in GigBook, but becaused it was renamed the database was unsure what to do with it, so it wouldn't display in certain tables.

Things are cleaned up now. DeepDish GigBook should be running smoothly again. Thanks to the those patient and helpful users who sent us console logs and long email exchanges trying to track down this issue. This took some serous sleuthing. This has been one for the records.

Let us know how GigBook is working for you. We love to hear your feedback and requests. And we are always here if GigBook is not behaving properly.