Waiting for 1.3.4

We have submitted an update to Apple on Thursday, August 11, and are just waitng for Apple to approve it.

The 1.3.3 update only took about 2 1/2 days to approve and we are just coming up to that same time frame.

The issue with 1.3.3 was with a small line of code that normally made it alright to have both upper and low case titles. This line of code was inadvertantly changed in 1.3.3. During our beta testing of 1.3.3, we didn't notice the bug, as we didn't have any score with lower case titles. (We did test titles containging all sorts of other languages and letters, but just not lower case.) You can be sure that we will have a few of those next time around.

1.3.3 was only live in the iTunes App Store for about an hour, before we became aware of the issue (thanks to some quick reports from a few users). Even though we were quick to pull the update, several hundrend of you did update. If you are having issue with All Score not loading, rest assured that all you data and score are still intact, the tables are just not loading the information.

1.3.4 will fix this, your patience is appreaciated.

If you are in a giging emegrency and need your score, write to us at support and we try to help.

The down side to all this is that we elected to pull GigBook out of the App Store until 1.3.4 is approved. We figured this was the most prudent action, as we didn't want our users experiencing unnessary hardship after updating. It's also unfortunate that there is no mechanize to roll back the shipping version to 1.3.2.

We will keep you posted...