Update 2.0.2 Has Been Sent for Approval

On Saturday, January 12 we submitted to Apple DeepDish GigBook 2.0.2. This is a critical update that we recommend all user perform, when it's available. It usually takes 5-7 days for Apple to approve updates, so look for it towards the end of the week. We'll also post it availability here, on Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a list of bug fixes and improvements in version 2.0.2.

  • Fixed crasher when touching settings icon and then info icon
  • Fixed crash when sometimes opening a score, or set list item from a binder or set list.
  • Fixed crasher if the settings window was open and user used multitasking to switch to another app.
  • Fixed Crasher when editing custom composer or genre.
  • Fixed crasher when trying to set the metronome in performance mode.
  • Fixed issue where drop down windows were not properly dismissing when changing views.
  • Fixed issue where updating a composer or genre was not properly registering when editing through the setting window.
  • Fixed an issue where some scores were not rendering correctly when sent to Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue where metronome was stopping when turning pages in multipage score.
  • Adjusted sound & level of metronome click.
  • Fixed an issue where metronome would auto start after setting through the details window.
  • Fixed issue where iTunes linking icon was not appearing in Performance View.