DeepDish GigBook 2.0 Is Now Live

Last Wednesday we submitted our latest version of DeepDish GigBook to Apple for review. We had

 our fingers crossed that Apple would approve it before they close up for the holidays 

on December 21st and they did! 

To get ready for this update you’ll need to be running at least iOS 5.1.1 or greater on you iPad. IOS 4 is no longer supported. You should also make sure you are backed up in either iCloud or iTunes. 

Updated UI

This is a big update for DeepDish GigBook both cosmetically and feature wise. In version 2.0 DeepDish GigBook gets a complete visual makeover. With a new App icon, a new side drawer, metronome, binder and set list views, it has a more elegant, cleaner, and unified look. 

But this update is more than screen deep. Small modifications to the user interface, like having a slimmer and fixed side draw in both landscape and portrait speed up navigation. Adding batch editing for composers, genres and collections makes organization of your scores a simpler task.

Sharper Scores & Faster Page Turns

An updated and new rendering engine produces sharper and more crisp images. Your scores will look amazing. And although we have bumped up the quality of the image, we have cut page turning speeds in half. The new engine preloads the several pages, depending on your iPad version, so swiping through your score happens nearly instantly. The next and previous pages are always ready. 


In version 2.0 you can link your Dropbox account to DeepDish GigBook. This means you don’t need to connect you iPad to your computer to load scores! Not only that you can download multiple scores at once directly into Genres, Composers, Collections, Binders and Set List for quick organization. And of course this is a two way street, as you also have the ability to upload entire Binders and Set List to Dropbox for archiving or sharing. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, it’s 5GB of free cloud storage accessible from you computer and mobile device. Learn more about it here. 

We’ll be posting a video detailing some ways you can quickly set up and archive DeepDish GigBook using Dropbox. Look for it on our  YouTube channel.

Batch Editing

You have always had the ability to add multiple scores at once to binders and set list, but now you can add existing scores and scores stored in Dropbox directly to Genres, Composers and Collections. To keep things familiar, we’ve kept the processes the same across the board. Adding batch editing for composers, genres and collections make organization of your scores a much quicker and simpler task. 


Finally to round things off we’ve added Twitter integrations. Tweet from any score to let your followers know what tune you’re currently playing. But we also added the ability to Tweet you entire set list (titles only of course). Use this to let folks know what you’ll be playing for the show, or use it to archive your performances. Or use it to keep you students informed of the pieces they will be rehearsing for the week. 

Our friends and developer at Wooly Beast Software have once again done some amazing work and we are so grateful to this now our 2nd year of collaboration on this app.  

We’ll post some video tutorials on our YouTube channel shortly so you can see some of finer points to Dropbox integration, batch editing, and twitter.

We are very excited about this update. It was a lot of hard work to get it to you, but it continues to be rewarding work. And as always we continue to strive to make your musical life a little better. Let us know what you think and if you have time give us a rating on iTunes. The positive one always help. Thanks, 

Joe & Tony of DeepDish Designs