DeepDish GigBook 1.5

On Thursday we submitted our latest version of DeepDish GigBook to Apple for review. We have our fingers crossed that Apple will approve it before they close up for the holidays on December 22nd.

This update brings some changes to the database that were needed due to updates in iOS 5. As with any update we recommend that before you install this update that your iPad is backed up to either iTunes or iCloud and running the the latest iOS version. 

Version 1.5 brings annotations, the number one requested feature. We know you’ve waited a long time for this one, and we are very happy to be bringing it to you. We think you are going to like what we’ve done with this feature.

Our friends and developer at Wooly Beast Software have produced beautiful annotations. Writing is smooth and even flowing. Which means you can write quickly and legibly when in rehearsal. And your not only able to write on your scores, but you can create your own scores, charts, stage directions, and more directly in DeepDish GigBook with Set List Items.

We’ll post a video on our YouTube channel shortly so can see some of the in’s and out’s of this feature.

Along with major feature there are a few more changes to 1.5.

  • Updated synching scores so DeepDish GigBook properly shows newly added scores. (IOS 5 fix)
  • Recently Added has changed to display last 100 additions listed by date and time added. (IOS 5 fix)
  • Changes where DeepDish GigBook stores scores imported from other apps like Dropbox or Mail attachments. Previously scores were stored in “INBOX”. They will now be stored in the main directory. This update will move all scores in the INBOX out to the main directory.
  • Fix for bluetooth foot pedal when using multitasking, where switching out and the back to DeepDish GigBook would cause the pedal to loose connectivity.
  • Many more under the hood enhancements, minor bug fixes and small UI changes.

Here are some images: