DeepDish GigBook 1.3.1 is now live!

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Version 1.3.1 fixes some bugs introduced in 1.3. It resolves issue with Footime USB pedal turning advancing 2 pages instead of one. There is fix for a bug that effected creating Super Bookmarks from a score that was added to GigBook through the iPad's document sharing feature. Also you can now safely delete all the preloaded genres and composer and add you own.  Lastly there is an important fix that was causing scores not to appear if certain characters were in the title of the file. (Thanks to our Icelandic friend for finding that one!)

Along with bug fixes 1.3.1 adds the much requested search window for all list views including All Scores, Binders and Set Lists. Pulling down at the top of any list will reveal the search/filter window. You will be able to search you list for titles, composers, genres and any notes you've added to a score.