DeepDish GigBook is now at 1.2!

We are pleased to announce that DeepDish GigBook version 1.2 is now live in iTunes App Store.

This version brings support for the highly requested AirTurn BT-105 wireless page turner. This mean hands free page turning. We’ve been testing it out and have to say it’s quite nice keeping your hands on your instrument when playing through multipage scores. The AirTurn is a bluetooth controller which requires an initial set up to work. Once it’s paired with your iPad you’ll be set to go. You’ll also need a pair of foot pedals. AirTurn sells their own or you can use other compatible pedals. A full list of pedals is on their website.

The only caveat so far it that as of right now the AirTurn is seen an external keyboard by the iPad. This means that the virtual keyboard will not appear in text fields. AirTurn states on their website that they are working on an upgrade to resolve this issue. Fortunately GigBook can be navigated quite nicely using just the touch of you finger. So if you’ve organized your scores into binders or set lists you will might not notice the lack of a keyboard while your on stage or in rehearsal.

We have also enabled the AirTurn to navigate your set list when viewing in Performance Mode. This means you can scroll through the screens of you set list hands free too.

Also in this update is preliminary support of VGA out. If you are in need of projecting your scores to you class, band or choral group you will now be able to do so with an iPad VGA adapter <> and projector or VGA equipped TV. Again a surprise element to have having VGA out is the projection of a set list in Performance Mode. Since the Performance mode set list show notes and allows for custom set list items, this view can be very useful when conducting a large ensemble or beautifully displaying your set list to your audience.

We have really hit the ground running after a much need break. We had been in development of GigBook since early January of last year and need a little time off with our families. Rested up we are back at it. 3 updates since the first of the year. Keep sending us your suggestions. We love to hear from you. 

We have a lot more in store for you so stick around!