GigBook 1.1 Submitted to Apple for Review

We have submitted GigBook 1.1 to Apple for approval! We are hoping for a quick turn around, but at this point it is out of our hands. 

GigBook 1.1 will bring following enhancement and fixes:

* iOS 4.2.1 support and compatibility

* Added support for more page sizes including A4; scores now fully fit when viewing in portrait.

* Enabled changing of title in details view

* Enabled "clearing" of tempo, time signature, key signature

* Changed "Set List Entry" to "Set List Item"

* Updated 'X' in title entry fields to show when typing a new Title if that Title already exists in the main library.

* Fixed crasher when building "super bookmarks"

* Fixed crasher when adding items to a set list.

* Fixed orientation issue with flipped PDFs

* General usability, stability, and performance enhancements

Be sure to update your version when GigBook 1.1 becomes available on the App Store.

We did have to do some reworking of Super Bookmarks to fix the crasher that some of you experienced when trying to make several Super Bookmarks at once. This issue is now resolved, but has made rendering the thumbnails slower. While the thumbnails are rendering you can go ahead and enter in details of the score like Title, Composer, Genre, etc. This will not slow down the rendering processes. And will give you something to do while those white wheels spin. We will continue to work on Super Bookmarks to speed up the overall workflow. For now you can work without worry of crashing, which was our main goal with this update.

With this update GigBook is very stable and ready to take on new features that many of you have requested and that we had planned for. Over the course of the next several updates you will see some major features being added to GigBook along with some enhancements to workflows and the UI.

We have loved all the great feedback that we’ve received in our first weeks out in the App store. We are thrilled that you like the program and we’ll be working hard to make GigBook all you need it to be. We are listing to you.

Unlike other apps out there, we conceived GigBook for performing musicians. We knew that you’d want to take your iPad out with you to rehearsal, on stage and the classroom, because that’s what we wanted too. The combination of GigBook and the iPad is an awesome music storage system, but it is so much more. Others are seeing that too as there are some great new gear coming out for musicians wanting to use their iPads and GigBook in all musical situations. The iKlip and AirTurn immediately come to mind. We will be writing more about these two products in the future.

We want you to know all that we’ve packed into GigBook so starting this week we will be posting a series of “How to Videos” on our website for your reference. We will also begin posting “Tips of the Day” on our Facebook and Twitter pages. These tips will not only feature GigBook specific features, but also how you might use other apps in conjunction with GigBook to get your musical life in order.

Glad you are with us. The gig's just getting to started!