An Amazing Launch!

We have been overwhelmed by the overall wonderful reception users have given GigBook. Thank you for a terrific opening week. It's been so busy we haven't had time update the blog!

GigBook has been in the top 20 paid iPad Music Apps since it was released on on Friday, October 22. We have received lots of positive comments from our new users. Many of you like the powerful organizational features we've built into GigBook. Some of you like the versatility of set lists. Other's like the look and intuitive layout. Whatever the case we hope we are making your musical life better.

We also want to thank our large and growing international users. We notice you and will try to meet you needs. We will be adding Google Translation to our blog and website soon. And we will be working on language support for GigBook and it's Getting Started manual.

There hasn't been many issues reported, but there are few things we want users to be aware of.

1. Check your score dimensions. Score larger than 8.5 x 11 are not displaying properly in some cases. We are aware of this and are working to fix this in our next update.

2. Because of the the way iTunes file sharing handles documents, right now if you replace a file, even a file with the same exact name through iTunes file window, GigBook will see the file as a brand new file. All Super Bookmarks associated with the old file (even if was identically named) will be deleted. Again we are working on this and will have a solution in the future, but in the mean time be careful when deleting or replacing scores from iTunes file sharing.

3. Lastly if GigBook is not behaving properly, you can usually set things right by restarting your iPad.

GigBook was born out of a labor of love and while we are very proud of it, this is still just version 1.0. We have big plans to make GigBook even better. We will be announcing features and updates on our blog and through Facebook and Twitter.