DeepDish GigBook 1.8 is Now Available

We are very happy to bring you the latest version of DeepDish GigBook 1.8.

In this update you will find the ability to link audio tracks from your iPad’s Music Library to a score in DeepDish GigBook. This has been a highly requested feature from music educators who want to have listening examples for their students. To solo artists who use DeepDish GigBook on stage and would like to have better control when using backing tracks. We made a short video demonstrating the feature in action.

You can now add a time duration to you scores. In fact when you link an audio track, DeepDish GigBook will import the tracks duration automatically. Of course you can manually assign a duration to any score whether or not an audio track is linked.

Durations really become useful when building set lists as DeepDish GigBook will keep a running tally of the songs in your set. So if you only have a 45 minute set to figure out, you can now do that with more certainty than ever before. Here’s a quick video of assigning and using durations for set list creation.

Rounding out this update we’ve begun the first stage for a faster page rendering engine. We’ve also added retina graphics support for the new iPad. And we’ve done some UI enhancements around the Note’s feature when viewing a score. And a new “long touch” navigation option both in list views and when viewing a score. Now when you are viewing a score you can add it to a binder or set list without having to return to the list view. Check out our YouTube Channel for more tutorials.

While we are excited to get this update to you, we are not stopping there. We’ve already begun to plan and develop for our next update. We will be letting you know more about those features as we get closer to a release. Happy Gigging!