DeepDish GigBook 1.6.2 Available Now

We’ve just released version 1.6.2 for DeepDish GigBook. This update address some bugs and crashers that users have reported. It also addresses an issue that was brought on with iOS 5, where when a user updated a preexisting score through iTunes File Sharing, incorrect page numbers would occur. This could then potentially effect super bookmarks from the updated score. 

Even though we’ve been hard at work tracking down and fix things, we have not slowed down on our work for 1.7 and hope to have this feature update to you soon. That update will include iTunes song linking to scores, which has been high on the feature requests we get from users.

For now here’s the list of fixes for 1.6.2.

• Fixes freeze in UI that can occur from synching files added under iOS 5.0 and greater. 

• Fixes occasional UI freeze (not a crash) when viewing a score, especially in a set list or from a search result.

• Fixes occasional crasher with adding a composer or genre from within the details view.

• Fixes for potential crasher with search bar when returning from viewing results score after low memory situation. 

• Fixes search bar “clear” button not updating results correctly. 

• Fixes Set List item not properly updating when viewed as score and user makes changes to title and/or notes.

• Fixes score synching when adding a score through iTunes, when the score file name already existed. DeepDish GigBook was not properly recognizing it as a new file. This was a result of changes in iOS 5.

•Faster synching. Removed unnecessary logging. Corrected some logic inefficiencies.